Tanzania is a popular East African destination for visitors. It is bordered by Mozambique  Malawi and Zambia in the south, Kenia, Uganda Burundi and Ruanda in the North and Kongo in the West. 

The United Republic of Tanzania was build of the two countrys of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in the early 70s of the last century. Tanzania has a population of about 41 million inhabitants. Over 120 tribes and about 100 different dialects are making this Country so diversified.

Kisuaheli is the national language but English is rampant.

Tanzanias Capital City is Dodoma.

The heatwave Tanzanias is between October and April.

In the summer time the temperature can be up to 30 degrees and up to 25 degrees during winter.

For further information please check the weather forecast


One of the well known landmarks of Tanzania and whole of Africa is Kilimanjaro. Lakes, Islands, Mountains and savannas are making this country so special.

The landscape of Tanzania and Africa in general is mainly shaped from the East African Rift. The EAR is an active continental rift zone in East Africa. The rift is a narrow zone that is a developing divergent tectonic plate boundary, in which the African Plates is in the process of splitting into two tectonic plates, called the Somali Plate and the Nubian Plate, at a rate of 6-7mm annually.

The EAR is responsible for beautiful Lakes like the Lake Victoria, Lake Manyara and many more.


As the Mekka of hunting, every hunter has to visit at least one time in his life Tanzania. You can hunt the majestic and unique animals in almost 30 percent of the Landscape of Tanzania  from July till December.


Besides the Serengeti and Ngorongoro, the Selous game reserve is one of the most known wildlife sanctuaries Tanzania's  The Selous game reserve means adventure and hunting in it’s most natural way. This unique and special game reserve has a district of more than 55.000 square kilometers  The chance to meet another stranger is almost impossible. It is all about you, the PD-Safaris hunting Team and pure wilderness.

The reserve is the largest coherent hunting area Tanzanias and named after the hunter and conservationist „Frederick Courtney Selous, who lived at the turn of the 18. century.



The easiest way to reach the Selous game reserve is a flight to „Dar es Salaam International Airport“ and transfer by charter.


The PD-Safaris hunting Team will pick you up there.



Massailand is a part of northern Tanzania and is on the border to Kenia.

It is well-known for it’s majestic landscape and it’s  richness in species  of animals.

The Massailand is the habitat for Thomson- and Grantgazelle, Gerenuk, Wildebeest, Lesser and Greater Kudu, Buffalos, Leopard, Lion, Elephant and many more.