Rifle scopes

1 - 6 x 24 on big game rifle or similar

3 - 9 x 40 on medium bore or similar


8x30 or 10x42 field glasses are perfect for our areas conditions.


Hunting clothing and footwear

jacket,lightweight shirts and trousers, ancle high boots for hunting, cap or hat, gloves,

insect repellent, flashlight, pocket knive, ...

Regulations for traveling and inoculation

Almost every citizen of a foreign country needs a Visa for Tanzania. You can apply for your Visa at the embassy of Tanzania or you apply on arrival at the Airport of Kilimanjaro or Dar es Salam. The Visa cost is 50$.

If you have questions about current diseases and jab  please contact the embassy of Tanzania or a tropical institute. It is also advisable to inform your doctors about your vacation in Tanzania.


Ears- and eyeprotection

To protect your Eyes with sunglasses is advisable.

An electronical hearing protection is the best way to protect your ears and still stay in contact with your guide.